sermon 3/29/20 Rev. Andy Morgan, Does That Sound Familiar? (Fountain City Presbyterian Church)

sermon 3-22-20 Dr. Jeff McCrory, Fragile Times and Firm Faith (Outline only) (1st Presbyterian Knoxville)

sermon 3-15-20 Rev. Mark Lampley, Betrayed Lessons in the Valley

sermon 3-8-20 Dr. Jay Howell, Betrayed To The Bitter End

sermon 3-1-20 Dr. Jay Howell, Betrayed Dinner with Deserters

sermon 2-23-20 Dr. William Barron, Apologies Loving and Accepting Being Loved

sermon 2-16-20 Dr. Jay Howell, Apologies Other People’s Sins

sermon 2-9-20 Dr. Jay Howell, Apologies Weal and Woe

sermon 2-2-20 Dr. Jay Howell, Apologies Waiting for the Words

sermon 1-26-20 Dr. Jay Howell, Real Benedicting Benedicts

sermon 1-19-20 Rev. Rachel Hamburger, Real The Upside of Weakness

sermon 1-12-20 Dr. Jay Howell, Real Blinders

sermon 1-5-20 Dr. Jay Howell, Real In the Light

sermon 12-29-19 Dr. Jay Howell, Hope Holy and Hoping

sermon 12-22-19 Dr. Jay Howell, Hope Remembering

sermon 12-15-19 Dr. Jay Howell, Hope Ruins

sermon 12-8-19, Dr. Jay Howell, Hope Refuge

sermon 12-1-19, Dr. Jay Howell, Hope I Know It Was You Fredo

sermon 11-24-19 Dr. Jay Howell, Thirst Springs Eternal

sermon 11-17-19 Rev. Mark Lampley, Thirst for Facial Recognition

sermon 11-10-19 Dr. Jay Howell, Thirst: One for the Road

sermon 11-3-19 Dr. Jay Howell, Thirst :Spirit, Truth, and Water Jars

sermon 10-27-19 Dr. Jay Howell, Thirst: Planting Sycamores

sermon 10-20-19 Dr. Jay Howell, Thirst: You Got Some Nerve

sermon 10-13-19 Dr. Jay Howell, Thirst: Deep Calls to Deep

sermon 10-6-19 Rev. Rachel Hamburger, One

sermon 9-29-19 Dr. Jay Howell, In Christ: In Over Our Heads

sermon 9-22-19 Dr. Jay Howell, In Christ: Grace and Mystery

sermon 9-15-19 Dr. Jay Howell, In Christ: No Longer Strangers

sermon 9-8-19 Dr. Jay Howell, In Christ: First Words

sermon 9-1-19 Dr. Jay Howell, In Christ: Knowing Hope

sermon 8-25-19 Dr. Jay Howell, In Christ: For the Praise of His Glory

sermon 8-18-19 Dr. Jay Howell, In Christ: Chosen

sermon 8-11-19 Dr. Jay Howell, In Christ: For This Reason

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