First–Fifth Grades


Mary Emily Morris, Director of Children’s Ministries

Katie Hays-Children’s Ministries Coordinator


9:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.
Lower Level of the Spitzer Education Building

The KINGDOM Sunday School uses a Workshop Rotation Model form of Sunday school. This encompasses a six-year schedule of lessons, assuring that all of the major stories of the Bible are covered. Each year is centered around a theme, moving from the Old Testament in the fall bridged by Christmas, Jesus’ ministry in the winter bridged by Holy Week and the Resurrection and ending the year with Paul and the early Church. While any unit can be taught independently, when used in sequence, the program lays a solid foundation for building a mature faith in our children. Each Sunday, students along with “shepherds” and grouped by grade level, rotate to a different center: games, drama, art, puppets, storytelling, food, music, multi-media center and computers. A Bible story or concept is taught in the scheduled centers over a period of five weeks, and is referred to as a unit. Kingdom teachers and shepherds rotate every 5 weeks so they can attend adult classes, too.

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